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Broadcast India show 2018

Bombay Exhibition Center, Mumbai, India.
Exhibition October 25-27, on Aaton-Transvideo’s resellers booths.
Transvideo at Broadcast India show 2018
The new StarliteHD+ will be on demo at Broadcast India with its new hardware providing increased resolution, reduced latency and improved Peaking.
Also accepts SDI 3G Level A and Level B.
Cineom will demonstrate the new StarliteRF-a V2. Paired with TitanHD2 Tx-a, it allows you to remote ARRI Alexa Mini and Amira wirelessly.
StarliteRF-a V2 new firmware gives high resolution picture and low latency.
The Stargate V2 will be shown with improved functionalities.


Aaton-Digital at Broadcast India show 2018
Cineom will expose the well-known CantarX3 digital multitrack on-location mixer-recorder with a full integration of Wisycom, Lectrosonics, Sennheiser and Audio Ltd SuperSlot wireless receivers.
Aaton Digital have built a small HUB providing power to the wireless receivers and direct access to the UI through the Cantar, allowing set-up of options or channel frequencies as well the use of a spectrum analyser.
This integration offers the possibility to control up to eight, two-channel wireless receivers with a global and intuitive overview.
The final version of the Cantaress advanced mixing surface companion of the CantarX3 will be also demonstrated on the booth.