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Whether you have broken your monitor, found a bug or had trouble with using your Transvideo, don't hesitate to contact us by email at support @ transvideo . eu or by phone at +33 2 3222 3000 (Paris time, GMT +1).

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All Transvideo new products(1) are covered by a 2 years limited warranty unless otherwise noted. Get a 3rd year of warranty for free(2) by registering your product online within the first month of the purchase.

(1) Except the StarliteHD5-ARRI which follows ARRI warranty rules.
(2) Refurbished products excluded.

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Before sending your product for repair, you must request a return authorization. Please follow the link bellow and fill in the form. You will get in touch with our customer service that will examine your request and give you the informations for return.

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Why we do not have HDMI on our products?

Transvideo focuses only on high end Production and equipment.
The HDMI connector is a wonderful improvement for consumer electronics, however we juge that it is not well adapted for professional use.
On top of that it makes the developments and support more complex and implies to pay some fees and royalties to the HDMI consortium.
It is why, after several years of effort to implement HDMI on some of our products and the lack of interest of our professional customers for this format, we have decided to do not use anymore this connector on our systems. We have removed the connector and functions from existing products and we do not implement anymore HDMI.